What’s Your Story?

Whether you’ve attended church your entire life or have no church background at all, you have a faith story to share. Even if you don’t participate in organized religion, and prefer the word “spirituality” to “faith,” you still have a unique and powerful story. Here are a few of ours. Click the person’s name to read the story.

Amelia’s Story


“One of my earliest memories is the sound of my mother’s voice praying.”


Patrick’s Story


“Most days I just see glimpses of God. Some days, I get a better view, and I’m overwhelmed.”


Anisha’s Story


“As a child, I expressed my faith not only by going to church with my family, but by exploring and photographing nature and the wilderness.”


Cathy’s Story


“As the parent of a young child, just attending church once a week was an accomplishment.”


Emil’s Story


“My parents emigrated from Europe. They arrived here with not much more than the clothes on their backs.”


Mikayla’s Story


“My family and I have been attending Epiphany since I was really little.”